Travelling University

Travelling University is an educational platform cooperative that designs creative, human, entrepreneurship and leadership international learning experiences. Through a global mindset, we embrace world diversity and leverage multicultural training since 2015. Travelling University co-founded and actively participate in the MTA World global team-entrepreneurs community. 

Travelling University runs different programs such as European Official Bachelor Degree LEINN International and LEINN Arts, and Changemaker Lab, as well as offering Learning Journey Host services, and development of new educational innovative projects, with innovation labs in Shanghai, Bilbao, Berlin, Seoul and Seattle. 

Our aim is to create outstanding transformative experiences, accessible to junior and senior learners all over the world.

Mission: We are a worldwide transformative learning experiences platform that will disrupt XXI century education. 

Vision: For 2026 our blended learning experiences aggregator will provide more than 5.000 experiences to more than 20 leading institutions and 3.000 users in more than 10 *countries. 

*Covering in our operations all continents.

Who are we?

We are 1 International Team formed by 15 Change-makers:

Education Designers · Coaches · Social  Innovators· Engineers ·  ·Program Managers·Digital Experts· Team-Entrepreneurs ·

Working in 3 continents

America · Asia · Europe

With innovations labs in 6 countries

USA · China · Korea · India · Germany · Spain


Learning Journeys in innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship

If you are a university or a company we facilitate the process of traveling and discovering the ecosystem of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in Berlin, Madrid, Bilbao, New York, San Francico, Seatle, Shanghai, Seoul

About Us

We are a group of young entrepreneurs with extensive experience in creating high-performance teams

We are part of  MTA (Mondragon Team Academy) World.

MTA World

Mondragon Team Academy (MTA World) is a global network of social innovation ecosystem labs with a strong focus on team-entrepreneurship. MTA was created in May 2008 by an intrapreneurial team in Mondragon University in close co-operation with TiimiAkatemia in Finland.

MTA is a vibrant international community made up of +1500 entrepreneurs in teams, with +80 team companies created and 13 MTA labs operating in 3 continents: Europe (Irun, Oñate, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Barcelona, Berlin), Asia (Shanghai, Seoul, Pune) and America (Queretaro). 

MTA World adapts the vision of the Basque MONDRAGON Cooperative Experience, the largest workers cooperative in the world, to build an education system for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students. We create people-centred enterprises that generate economic and social impact through ‘teampreneurship’ and ‘team learning by creating’, as well as successful companies that are economically, socially, spiritually, and environmentally sustainable.


It is the first cooperative University of the State, integrated into the Mondragon Humanity at Work cooperative group, which marks the uniqueness of its educational project.

Our learning method has its origin in the TEAM ACADEMY entrepreneurship unit in Finland. These methods have been used for more than 30 years in Finland having obtained in 2006 a special recognition by the Finnish Ministry of Education.


MONDRAGON CORPORATION is the largest worker cooperative corporations in the world and one of the leading Spanish business groups, integrated by autonomous and independent cooperatives with production subsidiaries and corporate offices in 41 countries. 


We are passionate teampreneurs pushing ourselves to create a glocally(global+local) positive impact together. 


We are devoted to radical education accessible to everyone reaching 20.000 transformed people by 1st May 2030. 


Learning By Doing 

Team Learning

Global Mindset

Respect & Responsibility

Leave better than we found 


Transparency & Honesty

Openness & diversity

Community & network



-Not classrooms But INNOVATION LABS

-Not teachers But TEAM COACHES & MENTORS



Our Products

What we offer?

  • Leinn International
  • Leinn Arts
  • Learning journeys (innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership) around the world for companies, universities and business schools
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship offices for companies
  • ChangeMakerlab
  • Business hackathons
  • Teambuilding dynamics for companies

What does it mean to be a global entrepreneur and a true ‘citizen of the world today? It goes beyond merely acknowledging cultural diversity. In reality, it means you are able to adapt your behaviour to conform to new cultural contexts without losing your authentic self in the process.” Global Dexterity. Alan Molinsky.

Undergraduate programs

The Official European Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation (LEINN). Two specializations run by Travelling University:

LEINN International

LEINN International is a four years challenge of intense and exciting work. A journey that changes the people’s lives, who become world citizens with a global visión and the ability to translate it into projects that can change their environment. Citizens with strong social values and who understand the company as an instrument to build the world we want.

LEINN International is one of the most disruptive university programs in the world designed to combat the greatest challenges of our time. A nomad 4-year degree where you will learn by creating real entrepreneurial ventures in multicultural teams and have a life-changing 


This program is impulsed by TU, MTA & Mondragon University.




In 2020 we launched LEINN ARTS, a specialized LEINN in creative and cultural industries. Is also a four years challenge of intense and exciting work for entrepreneurs, changemakers in arts and creative and cultural industries with strong human values and who understand the company as an instrument to transform the world for good.

This program is impulsed by TU, Last Tour, MTA & Mondragon University.



Executive master program

The International Executive Master Program in Team Coaching & Learning Facilitation (TEAMINN). TU is leading TMINN Asia.

TEAMINN Program is an International Executive Master Program in Team Coaching & Learning facilitation launched by MTA (Mondragon Team Academy) to help you to gain the knowledge, know-how and practical experience as a qualified MTA and Tiimiakatemia® certified team coach.

The core of TEAMINN learning methods assumes the “team learning by creating” model of the Finnish methodology of Tiimiakatemia. It is an international reference in the field of education and entrepreneurship, whose methods are used in numerous schools and universities around the world, as well as in various multinational companies.itation

web TEAMINN Asia: link

Plug-in programs

Learning Journeys

Learning journeys are unique experiences developed for universities and companies. A week-months unique, immersive, inspiring and active learning experience based in any of our labs (China, South Korea, USA, Germany and Spain) for students or executive people in order to meet by first hand the local innovative business ecosystem, trends and key stakeholders while impacting it through developing team-entrepreneurship skills.Learning Journeys are designed ad-hoc for our customers.

Download the brochure.

Changemaker lab

Changemaker Lab is 3-6 months program conceived for universities that want to develop a transversal program within their centre. The program is designed to generate interdisciplinary teams that develop entrepreneurial skills and projects while they experiment with team learning by creating methodology. 

We have already developed this program in various universities:

South Korea: Sungkyunkwan University together with Kaywon University of Art and Design

USA: Evergreen University

Spain: Mondragon University

Download the brochure.

White Mirror / Tech for good

White Mirror / Tech for good, is a program designed internally for LEINN program. We are adapting nowadays to implement it in different organizations. The aim of this program is to understand the power of exponential technologies and make use of them to create new opportunities and solve the great challenges we face.

Other programs

The contents of the training packs offered by Travelling University and Tazebaez have specific relation with what we call the axis of knowledge. They are aligned with the values associated with the so-called “soft skills” or transversal abilities such as: the ability to work in teams, negotiation and decision making capacity and relationship skills, communication and project leadership. You will also find skill based on digitalization and plurilingualism, online and offline formats and in several languages: Basque, Spanish and English.

The above mentioned 4 axes are: learning by doing, Individual and collaborative work, offline and online format, and plurilingual training.

Training catalogue:

Visual Thinking

  • Visual Thinking I
  • Visual Thinking II


  • Digital Identity I
  • Digital Identity II
  • Exponential Technologies I
  • Exponential Technologies II
  • Maker Culture


  • Creative and innovative skills
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Design Thinking


  • Agile methodology
  • Scrum Basics


  • Storytelling and narrative building
  • Non-verbal communication


  • Trends and business models in the circular economy
  • How to include SDGs in your organization



For prospective students, parents, and counsellors seeking information about Travelling University, please contact:

Asia – Amaia Garcia

Germany – Diego Gaspar

Global – Ainhoa Esnaola

For institutions, organizations, and individuals seeking information about working with Travelling University, please contact the Business Development team:

Markel Gibert

If you have a general question about the Travelling University, please email us at

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Our mailing address:

Travelling University (Tazebaez)

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